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Committee Assignments and Hearing Schedule

The original text of SB 955 has been inserted into as amendments into the SB 217 (Portantino), which has already passed the Senate. In so doing, the bill avoided hearings in the following committees. 

Senate Health Committee

Senate Government and Finance Committee

Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 217 is now in the Assembly Health Committee and will be heard, at the earliest on August 4th.

Members of the Assembly Health Committee include:

  • Jim Wood (Chair) AD 02

  • Chad Mayes (Vice-Chair) AD 42

  • Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry AD 04

  • Frank Bigelow AD 05

  • Rob Bonta AD 18

  • Autumn R. Burke AD 62

  • Wendy Carrillo AD 51

  • Heath Flora AD 12

  • Monique Limón AD 37

  • Kevin McCarty AD 07

  • Adrin Nazarian AD 46

  • James c. Ramos AD 40

  • Freddie Rodriquez AD 52

  • Miguel Santiago AD 53

  • Marie Waldron AD 75

We encourage the Senate Health Committee, which was bypassed, to hold hearings on this bill when it returns to the Senate for concurrence. 

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