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Our History

Established 1979

California Collaboration for Youth (CCFY) set out to lead the youth development industry in support of youth programs for California. We continue to influence public policy through education, government relations and advocacy. Through this, CCFY is able to create a picture of what’s happening in the state, and frame the overarching view for our constituents and member organizations. We are the voice of our member organizations that are developing youth in the “out of school time” space. Since our inception, we have continued our mission to advocate for public policy that positively influences the youth of our state through the following ongoing objective.

Ongoing Objectives


Increasing visibility of youth interests by having a presence in the State Capitol and
being responsive to the general media when appropriate.


Sharing information on public policy, proposed regulations, statewide events,
resources, and issues of mutual concern.

Public Policy

Screening and monitoring state legislation and administrative actions that affect
youth and youth serving organizations;
actively working to affect the outcome of these measures and working with the
administration to implement changes.


Serving as a resource to decision- makers on the needs and interests of youth and
CCFY member organizations.


 Initiating legislation beneficial to youth and youth serving organizations.

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